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"Our job is to sense trends before anyone else. That's what early-stage venture capitalists are — the antennae of society."

Thomas G. Tsao

Founding Partner, Gobi Partners

“VCs exist to solve problems aside from financial returns, and we are making a social impact by helping talented founders realize their dreams. This is very fulfilling.”

Michael Zhu

Managing Partner, Gobi Partners China

"From the Gobi to the Kalahari, we transcend borders to do our part in building out entrepreneurial ecosystems and to champion the underserved.”

Kay-Mok Ku

Managing Partner, Gobi Partners ASEAN

“Far from just providing funds, Gobi adds value to each of our portfolio companies — we guide them every step of the way, from term sheets to valuation, restructuring to fundraising, market expansion to network establishment.”

Dan Chong

Managing Director, Gobi Partners ASEAN

“TaqwaTech identifies a key segment of the global population that is largely underserved; Gobi is venturing into communities that deserve attention and are ready to transform major industries.”

Jamaludin Bujang

Managing Director, Gobi Partners Malaysia

"We saw the potential and helped set up the Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund in 2016. Four years later, we have three unicorns and outstanding startups producing some of the most innovative tech solutions Asia has to offer."

Chibo Tang

Partner, Gobi Partners Hong Kong

“Resilient, open to diverse opinions & critical feedback with the ability to build for long-term sustainable growth - these are common characteristics we see in female founders. Investing in women just makes sense."

Shannon Kalayanamitr

Partner, Gobi Partners ASEAN

Eric Cheng

Eric Cheng
“Gobi was one of the first VCs to see the potential of Carsome even though we were only selling 30 cars per month back in 2016. Every startup hits that critical juncture when they really need someone to believe in them. Gobi stepped up when we needed it the most. They have backed us multiple times through their various funds highlighting their multi-stack approach. Recently we sold our 100,000th vehicle. We never would have reached that milestone without Gobi’s support”


Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu
"As our Series A investor, Gobi contributed to Airwallex’s success in our early days by introducing us to new customers and investors through their wide network. The team continues to support us by making key connections to potential strategic and financial partners."


Clarence Leong

Clarence Leong
"Just like marriage, having an investor is not only about finding the perfect fit, sharing the same mindset, but also giving 100% understanding and direction in supporting each other and taking the leap together. Gobi is definitely one of them who is always our biggest fans and supporters behind the scene going all out for us."


Christina Suriadjaja

Christina Suriadjaja
"We had our first meeting at Central Park, and back then, even when I didn’t have a very sound business model, Gobi still gave me the opportunity to fly out to Nanjing to meet the team. This Chinese-SEA connection is what sets Gobi apart from other VCs. Another differentiating factor is how the operational team joins board meetings >80% of the time, and focuses more on operational metrics, rather than other VCs that mainly focus on vision/helicopter metrics."


Usman Gul

Usman Gul
"Gobi offers deep expertise in the local and the regional landscape, with 50+ years of operating experience in Pakistan and investing track record in APAC. Gobi has been a critical partner in building momentum in financing activities, as well as supporting scalable operations through actual on-the-ground support. The network effects go a long way."


Vanessa Hendriadi Li

Vanessa Hendriadi Li
"Gobi has invested in GoWork in our Series A round back in 2018 and Kay-Mok has been a very helpful and active board member ever since. He is not only always present, but also provides us with good ideas and interesting observations that are useful as we grow our business. We have received many good quality introductions, entrepreneurial insights and market perspective from him and his team. They also have been particularly helpful for us in supporting follow on rounds."


Danny Yeung

Danny Yeung
"Gobi has been terrific! If you get Gobi on-board, it will be a win-win!"


Simon Loong

Simon Loong
"Gobi shares WeLab’s vision of bringing joy to people's financial journey, joining us as an early investor to build one Asia’s first digital banks and for WeLab to grow into a Pan-Asia digital financial services platform. Gobi has not only been a supportive investor, but also helpful in connecting us to many potential business partners and working with us together to build a vibrant fintech ecosystem in Greater China and beyond."


Korawad Chearavanont

Korawad Chearavanont
"It was Gobi's support and Kay-Mok's persistence that really helped us get through tough times. That's what I really appreciate about Gobi was that they never doubted the entrepreneur and supported us - they didn't try to tell us to exit now, etc. even in the worst of times when we barely had any cash left. So if you're working with Gobi, really good choice."

Fiona Lau

Fiona Lau
"I truly value the trust that Gobi places on founders. They really treated us as partners instead of just a portfolio company. They are honest in giving founders advice, while not forcing you to do anything you don’t believe is right. I really believe that it’s their people aspect that makes you feel part of the family and you can conquer the world. Being an entrepreneur is tough, and Gobi is the type of investor you can confide in, learn from and have your back through it all."


Yuen Tuck

Yuen Tuck
"Tom is the only investor I know who has international VC experience and a deep understanding of the Malaysian start-up ecosystem. Tom and Gobi have done a lot to raise the profile of Malaysian start-ups like Jirnexu among international investors, helping us raise fund from great investors."


Norma Chu

Norma Chu
"Gobi is one of our early investors during Series A. DayDayCook started from zero to more than 60 million fans nationwide and Gobi’s team has always been there for us and providing us strong support financially and strategically. Gobi’s team is also a great advisor and introduced various partners to us through their network. Being a HK entrepreneur, I am truly thankful to have Gobi as my investor and my mentor, and I’m happy that they helped us reached all the milestones and became one of the key members in the DayDayCook family."


Kamarul Muhamed

Kamarul Muhamed


Yienyee Soh

Yienyee Soh
"Gobi has played a key role in Avana’s growth as well as empowering women founders across ASEAN. Their ability to connect us to other founders within their network has significantly reduced our learning curve as we gained knowledge and insights from entrepreneurs who are a couple of years ahead in their journey. We’ve been able to leverage the firm’s vast network and I definitely recommend new founders that are looking to raise capital to reach out to Gobi Partners."


Paulo Trezentos

Paulo Trezentos
"Gobi VC have invested in series-A Aptoide round. Since then, we have developed a fruitful cooperation with Gobi team and benefitted from thoughtful insights on the Asian markets. Several times, Gobi network has helped on different challenges. Thomas Tsao and Kay-Mok Ku have been always accessible and besides business partners, became good friends."


Henry Motte Muñoz

Henry Motte Muñoz
"Gobi’s investment goes beyond a paper transaction - they have been actively involved and present, whether it be hiring more people for our team, testing/evaluation/launching of new products, and connection to networks. Having them as a part of board meetings allows the sharing of knowledge and understanding of impact-driven entities."

Roland Ros

Roland Ros
"Gobi-Core has been a trusted partner of Kumu as we scaled our business more the 10x since their investment. They bring together local knowledge with a global network that extends as far as China and North America, all with the singular focus of helping accelerate our growth and company building."


Oliver Tan

Oliver Tan
"ViSenze have always set our sights on global markets from Day One, and that means competing with the strongest AI competitors, in most challenging markets, and winning the toughest logos in retail. The unspoken tribulation in our journey is oftentimes overlooked and unappreciated, but not by Gobi. Since their lead participation in our last round, Gobi has been active and quietly value-adding to ViSenze in thoughtful ways. This is testimony to their unassuming style of investment - supporting startup entrepreneurs beyond words. ViSenze is grateful for Gobi’s support, and proud to be a member of their portfolio."


















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