Gobi Partners Listed as One of “China’s Top 100 Best Investment Firms/investors (as Voted by Entrepreneurs)” 2018

21 September, 2018

On September 4 2018, 36Kr hosted the “Future of Chinese Investors Summit” 2018 in Beijing. During the event the media company also released their list of “China’s Top 100 Best Investment Firms/Investors” for this year. Managing Partner was honored on the “Investors” list, while Gobi was honored as one of the best “Investment Firms.”

For the past four years, the venture capital (VC) industry has been developing rapidly, with several unicorn companies and famous entrepreneurs emerging as a result of this boom. The industry had been showing signs of growing success until 2018, when the market went cold; it seemed headed for a period of capital hibernation, prompting a necessary and thorough bout of self-reflection. Investors and entrepreneurs, as key contributors to the development of China’s new economy, are also transitioning from an era of plenty to an era of withdrawal and purification, a process that is vital to ensuring that the market slowly returns to its original commercial value.

With fiercer competition in the industry at present, entrepreneurs will need an investor that can work with them through the hard times, while also creating value for their business. In this freezing cold “winter”, qualified investors must have the ability to discover the value of a startup, empower them, and must remain patient enough to tolerate hardships in the long run.
As the economy undergoes periods of fluctuation, investors are not merely the financial backers of startups; they are also the most precious of peers in the darkest of moments. As philosopher Emmanuel Levinas once said, “To help a person get out of the mud, one must personally go into the mud and have a strong pair of arms to grab that person. Only then will you both be able to gain new life.”
In order to select the Top 100, 36Kr issued survey invitations to 3,700 venture capital organizations and 800 startup founders. After a thorough assessment, they released their lists.

The honorees are as follows:

Top 100 Best Investors (as voted by entrepreneurs) 2018
Top 100 Best Investment Firms (as voted by entrepreneurs) 2018