Gobi Partners Appoints Nobuyuki Idei, Former Sony Chairman, as Advisor for Japan

27 March, 2019

BEIJING, MARCH 27, 2019 – Gobi Partners, a regional venture capital firm with over US$1.1 B in AUM, has appointed Nobuyukei Idei, founder and CEO of Quantum Leaps Corporation and former Chairman of Sony Corporation, as their Advisor for the Japanese market. Gobi will be working with Idei to identify Japanese startups that have the potential to expand their business to Southeast Asia.

Idei was Chairman and Group CEO of Sony until 2005. He subsequently founded Quantum Leaps Corporation, an executive advisory company that helps technology-driven venture companies to enhance competitiveness through corporate transformation and network building. Idei’s mission is to help Japanese companies build bridges between them and the rest of Asia.

For Gobi, the appointment is in line with their “Crouching Panda, Hidden Tapir” strategy, which works to connect the venture capital ecosystems of Northeast and Southeast Asia. The firm hopes that synergies can be created by companies from the two regions that will lead to partnerships which provide opportunities for these businesses to enter into markets that were previously out of reach for them.

Kay-Mok Ku, Managing Partner for Gobi said, “Idei-san has been a long-time friend to our firm, and we are honored to have him as our Advisor for the Japanese market. He is a veritable legend, and we look forward to working with him and his team to bring these two regions closer together.”

Speaking on the appointment, Idei said, “I established Quantum Leaps Corporation to share my knowledge, experience, and rich network for the benefit of Japan’s younger generations, and to ensure the future of the country’s competitiveness. Today, my mission remains the same: to help Japanese home-grown companies build bridges between themselves and the rest of Asia, which will provide them with the opportunity to grow and develop into the next generation of global companies and leaders.”

The combined “Crouching Panda” economies of China, Japan and Korea are the size of the US economy today, and their companies are global leaders in consumer brands, such as Sony, LG, and Huawei. Gobi believes that by connecting these companies to the “Hidden Tapir”, i.e. Southeast Asian economies, an unbeatable and industrious market will be established; in fact, ASEAN as a region has an emerging consumer market that is rapidly growing in size. For example, in 2050, Indonesia alone will be the fourth largest economy in the world.