Gobi 2018: Q4 News

15 January, 2019

New Investments


HolidayMe Merges with Tripfez

Left to right: Astro Awani’s Sharaad Kuttan speaks to HolidayMe’s Senior Team, Mohammed M.S Bin Mahfouz (CEO, Umrah Business), Geet Balla (Co-founder), and Faaez Fadhlillah of Tripfez (Co-founder), during an interview.


Middle-Eastern OTA (Online Travel Agency) HolidayMe announced that it merged with existing Gobi portfolio company Tripfez. They also revealed that the company received US$16 M in a round led by Gobi. The announcement took place at the venture capital firm’s event, TaqwaTech: Empowering Muslims in the Tech World, which was held at co-working space DOJO in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. For more on the merger, watch the interview PART 1 and PART 2.

Gobi takes its First Step into Pakistan with an Investment in Sastaticket

Thomas G. Tsao (left) shakes hands with Sastaticket Co-founder Shazil Mekhri (right), onstage at 021 Disrupt Karachi


At the 021 Disrupt Conference in Karachi, Sastaticket.pk announced that it secured US$1.5 M for its Series A, led by Gobi. The investment marks the firm’s first venture into the Pakistani market, and adds another pioneering company to its TaqwaTech portfolio. Founded in September 2016 by brothers Shazil and Bilal Mekhri, Sastaticket offers domestic travelers a way to book and pay for flights and hotels instantly online. Read more about Sastaticket HERE.

New Funds


Gobi Partners Completed Fundraising for New RMB Fund

Gobi continues its commitment to the Chinese entrepreneurial ecosystem with the launch of a New RMB fund. 

In December, Gobi, under the leadership of Managing Partner Michael Zhu, completed their fundraising for their latest RMB Fund, which has a size of RMB 500 M. The Fund will be focusing on innovative companies from Series Pre-A to B, and sectors such as deep tech, enterprise services, big data, fintech, and logistics.

The Gobi-Core Philippines Fund and the Gobi-Agung Fund

From left: Jason Gaisano, Carlo Delantar, and Ken Ngo of Core Capital, with Kay-Mok Ku and Arya Masagung of Gobi Partners.


In October, Gobi launched two new funds for the Philippines and Indonesia, sized US$10 M each. The Gobi-Core Philippine Fund is managed by Gobi’s local partner, Core Capital, and the Gobi-Agung Fund is managed by Venture Partner Arya Masagung. For more on the PH Fund, check out the story HERE. For more on the Agung Fund, read THIS.

New Promotions


From left: Wing Hu, Chibo Tang, Bill Lou, and Tony Tung are members of Gobi’s China and Hong Kong teams. 


In China and Hong Kong, Gobi promoted Chibo Tang (formerly Managing Director) to Partner, and Wing Hu (also a former Managing Director) to Partner. Investment Director Bill Lou was promoted to Vice President, and Senior Associate Tony Tung was also promoted to Vice President. To learn more about each of our newly promoted team members, click HERE.

Key Events


The SCMP China Conference

From left: Moderator and SCMP Technology Editor Chua Kong Ho; Managing Partner of 500 Startups (ASEAN) Khailee Ng; Executive Vice Chairman of Alibaba Group, Joe Tsai; President of Grab, Ming Maa, and Co-founder of Gobi Partners, Thomas G. Tsao.


From October 10 – 11, South China Morning Post hosted their annual China Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Themed “Building Cooperation, Managing Complexities”, the Conference revolved around the key role China has played in the ASEAN region in trade, investment, and infrastructure development. On Day 2, Gobi’s Managing Partner for ASEAN, Kay-Mok Ku, joined a panel entitled: “Can Southeast Asian Startups Become World-leading Tech Champions?”. Watch the session HERE.

Gobi Commits to Investing US$50 M in Women Entrepreneurs by 2020

Left: Shannon Kalayanamitr, Venture Partner for Gobi with the Co-founders of The Billion Dollar Fund campaign: Anousheh Ansari, Shelley Porges, and Sarah Chen.


On October 11, Gobi’s Venture Partner, Shannon Kalayanamitr, represented the firm at the Tri Hita Karana Forum on Sustainable Development, which took place in Bali, Indonesia in conjunction with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank Annual Meetings. Gobi signed a pledge to invest in women-founded companies, and stated a commitment of US$50 M towards women entrepreneurs by 2020. For more on the Pledge and Gobi’s involvement, read HERE.

TaqwaTech – Empowering Muslims in the Tech World

The Gobi ASEAN team at DOJO KL for the TaqwaTech event, themed: “Empowering Muslims in the Tech World.”


On November 21st, Gobi ASEAN hosted a TaqwaTech event at DOJO KL. TaqwaTech represents a tech industry which focuses on serving the daily needs of Muslim consumers, communities, and businesses. With growing numbers of Muslims spending more than US$100 B a year online, there are four key areas within the Muslim economy which entrepreneurs are focusing on: Halal food, Islamic finance, Muslim-friendly tourism, and Muslim fashion. The merger of new portfolio company HolidayMe and existing portfolio company Tripfez, was also announced at the event.